Forget Me KNOTZ

To the Preztels

Yes, We Cater!

We're excited to extend our passion for gourmet stuffed pretzels to your special events. Our catering service delivers the joy of our freshly baked Knotz right to your gathering.

What are Knotz?

It starts with a soft and chewy pretzel dough, twisted into its classic shape. However, what sets a stuffed pretzel apart is the delicious surprise hidden within its folds.

Made Fresh Daily

Each pretzel is carefully crafted, delivering a delightful combination of flavors in each bite. Satisfy your cravings with our deliciously twisted treats.

Schedule A Delivery

Our delicious Knotz pretzels are distributed within our local area. Once you've made an order, you have the option to choose a specific day, and we will personally deliver them to you.

We Do Events

We strive to make our Pretzels accessible to everyone and enjoy participating in local events. If you're interested in having us as a vendor at your event, please inquire here.

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